Sunday, 7 March 2010

Would you Like a FREE Wii Fit?

How would you like to Keep Fit with Wii Fit for free? Wii fit has took the Wii community to a new level. Not only is the Wii one of the most fun and playable games consoles, but know you can keep fit with the WIi Fit board!

The Wii fit allows everything from yoga to cardio, aerobics to strength training. Apparently people went a little overboard with their new toy. They played the Wii Fit for hours on end, not realizing that they really were exercising! It didn't feel as painful while they were doing it because their mind was distracted with playing.

But anyways, how would you like a Free Wii Fit sent to you in the post today?! If you sign up to FreebieJeebies, complete one free offer and refer 3 friends to do exactly the same. Then FreebieJeebies will send the Wii Fit for free in the post!